It did not take much time as in the space of the internet game appeared Dipio, but she already has a lot of fans around the globe, and now that number is over a million. And this is a huge plus and excellent performance. Rules are simple enough - to enter into competition with the opponents and try to grow your tank to the maximum. Carefully inspect the site of the battle, provided you, and do not pass by the food that is needed.

Most famous and celebrity game was due to the simple operation and easy to plot, especially for this kind of entertainment is not absolutely necessary to a powerful computer, to pay money to download or install - all available online. It must be just - the presence of the Internet and a browser. The main objective is to increase the size and get to the top leaders, which can be seen in the table that appears.

In order to survive and hold on as long as possible in Dipio, you must eat smaller opponents and hide from the elders. At the same time, do not forget about the possibility to shoot and kill, especially if you will already scored in the corner and a set of required weight. Also do not forget about the speed of the tank, because here as in life - the more weight, the more difficult to turn and go. To suddenly become a tasty morsel sure to think carefully about not only our actions, but also enemies, and makes the most of even the smallest opportunity. After all, only the most agile, resourceful and cunning gamer becomes king iron horse and hero.