Invented cool name in Latin, mount it in the required field, and in front of you will open an exciting game diepio, which draws from the first minutes of acquaintance. Immediately available to provide a small tank, which you have to manage. The controls are very easy, it is enough to have a mouse in their hands.

The mechanism will move around the map is open, and you will have to just send it to the right side, where there is food in the form of geometric shapes, which are scattered in different parts of space. But it will not have much use and weight. In order to quickly grow and become the best have to destroy as many enemies, and that's when Tanchiki will grow much faster. To perform these actions ought to let the existing shells.

Diepio - entertaining browser-based application, and the players are not a computer, but real people from all corners of the earth. To defeat and destroy the enemy - needed care and well-planned action. It often does not die slabshy and scattered and inattentive gamers. Also there is an option to view closely the battlefield and take pickings enemies.

To play has become more fun and more exciting - the game has an online spreadsheet parameters and characteristics, which can contemplate on the monitor. If you suddenly get a chance in the first place is not enough, then try to get even in the top ten, as do most, because not everyone can go through everything and be the king of the virtual world. Try it at least once to play and already can not give up until you will succeed. To think through all the moves, build a strategy and prove that you're a hero. Test yourself on the strength and ingenuity. Will it raskormit his car up to the maximum reduction.