Diepio slitherio

Online game Diep slitherio immediately after the appearance on the Internet became rapidly gaining popularity among children and adults. Outwardly, it looks like a normal set of tanchikov already familiar from other applications, tetris or consoles.

That game began to operate - just enough to have kopyutera connected to the Internet, the browser for input and come up with an original nickname and enter it in the appropriate line. After completing the above listed transports you to the map for the battle.

In order to understand how to play Diep slitherio not need a lot of skills. Here, just everyone is fighting for his life. To do this, players from all countries are at different tricks, cunning, fraud and traps just to survive and prove their strength. And it is not important what you size - can destroy both the leader and the novice. But only if the gamer is distracted or lose vigilance.

The main objective, to strive - to reach the maximum size and do not become dinner for a nice opponent. While if the first time does not get killed, at least feed on food in order to survive and reach the highest level. If the enemy hit the side of your car, he immediately smashed to pieces, and you immediately enjoy them. As the experience - newcomers are no less dangerous - they tend to grow up as quickly as possible, and rush at all in spite of the size.