If you still think that a fully black screen on which crawl hungry snake - this is the limit of perfection, then not yet opened diep.io, or simply have not seen the latest creation from the makers of a long-known entertainment Hagar. The new game, which has already collected more than a million players - it is beyond dreams. Battle for survival and the title of the best. Browser based game brings together gamers from all over the world.

Now you do not have to sit and think about how to have fun with your friends, because it bothered diep.io. To begin the serious competitions with his friends at the same time simply reboot and you will immediately find yourself on the battlefield. All subsequent results are directly dependent on the mindset and skills to build a chain of actions, at what not only their own, but also to think of possible steps of the enemy and immediately around them.

At first glance, the game does not include anything of interest, but only to the first attempt to confirm their beliefs. Terms and conditions are very simple. In the event a real battle flares up and then go to the enemies of all, to be the best. Initially you will have a very small and most simple tank that requires careful maintenance. It must not just look for them, but also guard against the enemies of the older and more likely to become big and strong and to seek out and kill the victims. On the monitor, you will be able to contemplate a table with the results of that in the promotion of changes leading places.

When the unit is completely baby - actively monitor the actions of the top fighters, and maneuvers to adopt experience. Also there is an opportunity to accelerate, if you need to catch up, or to hide, but for that you have to pay a small reduction in size. By the way on the map you'll see all the places where there is a catch.

Be extremely careful, because the higher their way through the plate, the more willing to destroy you. Do not lose vigilance for a moment, because even beginners are waiting for your failure to have a good feast on.