Diep.io play

If you have nothing to do - then the puzzle from the creators of Hagar will like. Starting play diep.io understand that the clock stopped and did not escape this seemingly simple toys. It is very similar to conventional tanks, but still there are some differences. Except you online will be many more people alive, who will make every effort to win. The screen will also be a variety of boxes, but when confronted with them remain the same can not be said about the actual machines.

Battlefield game provides a huge, but the food is scattered to different corners, and you have to get it. This will increase not only the volume of the machine, but also the position of the players on the table. Actually this is the main task - the maximum casualties, minimum losses.

To play diep.io ought to be good at thinking, quick response, and the mouse from the computer in his hands. As soon as you start to grow, you immediately spotted opponents and set a goal to destroy the well, or at least to shoot, which is also bad in principle. Therefore, carefully inspect the area where you are and try to think through the action of rivals to be able to hit back with each step the game more addictive and before you know how to find yourself either in the top ten in the table, or the last.