Diep io on android

Test your abilities as no great Tanchico, and do in the battle for survival. The resulting game diep io on android will bring you more opportunities. After all, to distract and relax not necessarily sit behind a computer. The meaning of this arcade is quite simple - to move across the field of battle so as not to become dinner for the opponents and maintain power by swallowing small pieces, and the hunt for the coveted prey.

Naturally to quickly gain the necessary dimensions have to destroy powerful enemies until it is done by someone - else. I do not look at other similar offer from various creators, diep io on android contains even the possibility of losing the very greasy gamers, because if you have built a plan of action, even as a beginner you can win. The main thing to be very careful and considerate, do not have time to encroach upon the victim as you tear into fine particles.

Game Control provides enough clear, simply by pressing the sensor or by having to move the route. Also there is the case of acceleration of movement, but it will have to pay the existing points. So at the beginning of this chance is better to skip. Color all initially the same, but because of the available skins can change the coloring.