Diep io Agar

If you do not delve into the depth of the problem - diep io Hagar recalls arcade 90s, but when the process begins, the view is changing dramatically. Lures application real players from all countries. And each of them is likely to have already spotted you as a victim. Here, no one is interested a large tank or small - the main desire, and they will make you a delicious dinner. How do you actually with other opponents.

The main task, which set the game - to grow in size and not be destroyed. In the first stage, when the struggle for survival has just begun, all are almost equal, but when one has achieved some success, the result depends on the ideas and skills to build the tactics of battle. The main thing to remember that with each increase - you lose the speed of movement, but here the creators diep io Hagar found a way out, just click the mouse button and the speed will increase a little.

You have no limits in weight and therefore becomes more fun to entertain. Gently move around the field of battle, to look for small stocks, depicted in the form of geometric figures, and profit is no major production. If it is possible to destroy the enemy, then all his experience will move you, but need not anyhow what agility and intelligence. Remember that the game has its own mysteries and knows what lure. Even after passing the maximum path and suddenly to touch someone else's armor - it is dangerous, because the car will fall apart and have to start from the beginning.