Deip io official site

This new craze has replaced all known Petri dishes, but called Dipio. For most players, this browser-based simulator liked, and now the game has a huge number of fans. The meaning of these two very similar applications that can not be said for the results. The main objective is to devour their own kind, and the ability to stand on the top, while significantly increasing the volume. There are those who claim that this arcade game is very similar to the tanks, but once you open the official website deip io - understand that much more curious.

Initially, the game offers you a very tiny tank that requires more power and features. You can rapidly quickly become a master of the iron world, even taking into account the factor that the opponents are absolutely real people who know how to think and to cheat.

Play is easy enough to simply upload the official website deip io, and came up with an interesting name nigh unto the battle. It provides a table with readings that vary in the online process, and even being the weakest - in a matter of minutes you can climb to the top. Although this does not have to exert a little effort and labor. Strolling through the field in search of small prey and enemies. If you have a super intelligence and luck, it is possible to destroy the very beginning of a huge machine and quickly grow.

To be able to cheat and taxied to the confusing and frustrating situations - the creators have given the acceleration option, but initially it is not true, since all the power is lost.