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If you're bored and nothing to do, then this game - what you need. With it, you simply and naturally spend time in good company of friends or acquaintances. If you are a lover of computer battles, the name may resemble the familiar game - Agar. Especially since the end of the two types of the same. They are quite similar, not only in spelling and sound, but also in appearance, but in the course of acquaintance with dipio feel the difference quite palpable, and in the description below, it is also recalled.


Such inventions are too common, because in the entertainment does not appear unrealistic tasks and difficulties with understanding of the plot - it simply does not exist. You do not have to sit for hours in search of obscure otgadok or puzzles that instantly kill the desire and the desire to play diepio, no incomprehensible riddles and goals to achieve. Here, everything is thought up just for a fun pastime and get positive emotions.

Diep io The idea is quite interesting - a great battle tanks, conceived in the form of cartoons, but fashionable. It is necessary to overcome the difficulties to get a simple, novice players into the lead on the small map. Distinguishing feature is the presence of elements of MMORPGs.

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What are the rules

If you are staying in Diep's right to think over and do the right thing - the game will give a chance to survive as long as possible, to be beaten in the Champions and become one of the best. If you suddenly make a wrong move - all in a matter of seconds, you can lose all their possessions and traveled, then we need to start from scratch. Even the most ordinary novice gamer can become a leader and fight serious competitors, and this adds to the excitement Diep. In the space provided there is a wide variety of shapes, and each shot at them - participants stuffed bumps and thereby rise to new levels.

A lot of colors plays an important role. For example red adds a lot more experience than the other, and vice versa pink seek prosecution tanks and destroy them, in such periods should be careful. When game will give you a lvl-well, you will see a sign with all the available features, and if you play aggressively, they just improve. Thanks to this combination of many talents are formed of your character, made by fans. Heavy, Sniper, varies in severity artillery. Based on what you have statistics - you can improve your tank (speed increase, the number of guns and get other modifications). So before you perform the steps in dipio - Ponder the consequences.

How to manage in diepio?

The most convenient and often used a combination of WASD keys, especially if playing right-handed. In diep io all the easier to nowhere, and at the level of intuition. The shots are made with the use of mouse, or rather its left button. In principle, no longer necessary to use more than - that. Except for the fact that you're a southpaw - then click on the arrows on the keyboard. Try to quickly navigate and think through the moves in advance contender. This is useful if you find that the opponent is stronger.

This control provides the ability to steer a variety of ways. This feature is not available in every application. Meaning simply brilliant as the idea creators. Not rich and heavy on the eye chart, just play with a light animation and a lot of pieces of different shapes - that's what the Diep. The idea was focused on interpersonal competition. This innovation has the potential to become the best among related to each other.